Moving on neatly from breakfast to food intake around noon I want to tell you about a German/Korean brunch experience near 師大後門。Yesterday, my colleague took me to 捲地圖Cafe&Brunch.
As you can see from the menu, they offer different “nation brunch” set meals. In my honour, my colleague chose the German brunch, which , surprise, turned out to be Currywurst with scrambled Sauerkraut egg.


Irrespective of the question as to how many Germans would have this kind of food for brunch, the food was very good and very nicely presented.
I had opted for the Korean brunch option, and found this a very tasty affair


indeed. The main dish consisted of tender diced chicken on a kimchi bed, covered with a thin layer of melted cheese. Absolutely delicious! I could have done without the sweet muffin that wrapped itself around a whole boiled egg, but the accompanying garlicky potatoes were tasty and the freshly squeezed orange juice included in the set meal rounded off the picture very nicely.
The Café is small and quiet and a lovely escape from the bustling street life around 永康街.


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