All yummy things come in threes…

It is now late at night but I have to finish my breakfast review so I can move on to the decidedly more yummy topic of lunch and dinner next.

I shall not dignify the burger place with an entry of its own, suffice to say I only tried it once.

Thus, back to the bakery and the ultimate breakfast challenge, the 叉燒 (char siu) bun. According to Wikipedia, char siu is “a popular way to flavor and prepare barbecued pork in Cantonese cuisine” and a flavour I quite enjoy.

Imagine my delight upon discovering above mentioned bun. It turned out to be so wonderfully bad I actually had it again the next morning. So, here goes:

Imagine a fresh-from-the-oven crispy, sweet yeast bun, glazed in egg yolk. Smells divine, you’re about to bite into yummy cake. Only that when you actually do bite into it, the sweetness is almost immediately superseded by bright red and very garlicky bacon. Complete tastbud overload, doesn’t get better with the second or third bite, but oh, PERVALICIOUS! Can’t wait for my next dose tomorrow morning :):)

And with that I am off to dream of steaming pots of noodles, baskets filled with Dim Sum. More soon!!


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