“Selig” no longer induces culinary Seligkeit

Last Monday, I had lunch at Chinese restaurant “Selig” on Kantstraße in Wilmersdorf and was disappointed for the second time.

This place, once renowned for yummy 拉面 noodles has changed for the worse. The interior is rather dark and musty, the tables smell of unwashed dishcloth. The menus are short of falling apart. Upon ordering noodles, I was advised against it by one of the waitresses. I know why now.The 炸酱面,a typical Beijing noodle dish, requires thick, wheat-based noodles, a rich, salty sauce made with minced pork and soybean paste and some fresh vegetables such as cucumber. What I got were spicy rice noodles. Not bad as such but kinda missing the point.

The noodles with pork and sour pickle on the other hand tasted rather odd and nothing like similar dishes I was fortunate enough to sample in China. To my joy, the 小龙报dumplings sort of lived up to their promise. Juicy, tasty, a light reconciliation at least.

With new Asian eateries mushrooming along Kantstraße, I’ll definitely try elsewhere next time though. “Dodeli” just opposite for example offers authentic, tasty and affordable Chinese cuisine, review to follow, hopefully soon.