Sleepless in the tropics of Kenting, so might as well continue with the blog.

Time to regale you with a few d’oh moments from Kaohsiung to Kenting.
No.1 happened in the breakfast room of aforementioned hotel, where this guy put his heavily nutella-ed piece of bread into the conveyor toaster. The one that flips the toast over at the end? We know cats always land on their feet but toast? Let’s say it was a messy affair and the poor waitress had to put the machine out of operation temporarily. And no, there was no trilingual sign on both sides of the toaster, asking people politely to butter their bread AFTER toasting…

We then hopped on a bus that took us further South, towards the tropics. This was not some touristy bus but rather the regular connection between Kaohsiung and Kenting, stopping at most villages in between. Upon entering the bus, the lady in front of us hastily clambered onto the prime seat behind the driver, only to block her (and everyone else’s) view with a massive pack of diapers placed on the little table in front of her…

The ride down South is quite impressive. To the left, huge mountains rise and disappear beyond the clouds. To the right, the blue sea contrasts with the black lava flow rocks.
In between, palm trees as far as the eye can see, with the occasional temple popping up here and there.
Vendors sell fresh coconut juice from little stalls along the main road.
Even more ubiquitous are 檳榔​shops that sell betel nuts aka Taiwanese chewing gum. Unbeknownst to many in the West, the betel nut is a very common drug in Asia (a detailed report about this can be found here: People chew the quid that consists of the areca nut, tobacco, and lime wrapped in the leaf of the betel vine. You recognise the addicts by the red colour of their mouth and teeth, because chewing this stuff stimulates the production of saliva and colors it blood-red. Hence, chewers will spit frequently, leaving rather disgusting red stains on the pavement or street. Most definitely one of the less attractive sights!

But back to more pleasant things.
We arrived at our hotel, YoHe Beach Resort just after mid-day and spent the rest of the day in and around the various swimming pools.



YoHo is located on the coast West of Hengchun City. The resort is somewhat past its heydays but has a certain shabby charm. Its best features include a sea view poolimage

and restaurant as well as access to a semi-sandy beach, perfect for sunset-watching and stargazing (the night sky last night was amazing! I even saw a falling star!)


The much busier Kenting Town with its famous beach is a 20min shuttle ride away. In the evening, the famous night market there attracts lots of visitors, offering a multitude of snacks like fried octopus, chicken butt (I kid you not!) skewers, stinky tofu, deep-fried icecream and other delicacies, but also t-shirts and tacky souvenirs. It does get rather crowded there so we didn’t stay too long. Kenting is a popular destination for surfing and snorkelling, but there are also quite a lot of cyclists exploring the no – doubt gorgeous – hinterland. As we had opted for a lazy time-out, we didn’t do any of the above but are definitely planning to come back for a more active holiday 🙂


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