Oh what a day!  Typhoon Soudelor has finally left the island after wreaking havoc for more than 12 hours.
As reported, we had left Taipei early to flee the worst of the storm, but the wind and rain we experienced down here in the countryside near Kaohsiung were more than enough of a “my first typhoon experience”.
We woke around 4am to the sound of rattling windows and howling winds to find that, not only had the storm hit the west coast, it had also caused a power cut for the entire region. About 2million households were cut off, according to TV news that is.
Now, I can do without light and internet at 4am in the morning, but no air con and about 30 deg outside are not a good combination, I tell you!
What followed was a very wet and sweaty day.
Around midday we realized there was water leaking dripping down through the ceiling of our bedroom. Four buckets and a few wet cleaning rags later, things were somewhat under control. Luckily, our hosts had a gas stove that still worked despite the power cut and managed to rustle up some very nice lunch for us. Never thought I’d need the torch function of my smartphone to check if a steak was done 🙂
Later on, more water appeared in other rooms, through the walls and from below.
At some point, we all decided to flee to the city where there was light, internet and air conditioning available. Before we left, we were fed by our hosts’ parents (had I mentioned just how friendly and hospitable the Taiwanese are?) and are now safe and dry in a hotel in town, watching TV. Seems we were lucky, things were much worse elsewhere with landslides and even stronger winds.


Right, must admit I am rather glad I have somewhere dry and comfy to sleep tonight, so a good night to you all.


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