Pre-Typhoon Baozi Bliss

Now THIS is the life! Classes are over and I am celebrating the beginning of the holidays sitting underneath gently swaying palm trees, enjoying some truly delicious breakfast.
On the menu today: freshly squeezed Papaya milk, iced latte (no sugar thanks), a proper Charhsiu Baozi and a peanut-filled mochi.

Gotta love the red colourimage


And then for pudding image

Whilst we’re on the topic of eating, let me tell you about yesterday’s dinner at 巧味餐廳near東門MRT.
Thanks again to lovely Christina for taking us there, we had the most fabulous seafood ever!
We started off with some cold octopus and BBQ style sauce, then had fresh bamboo salad, some incredibly tasty 石斑魚 (according to pleco, this fish is called grouper in English), image

soup made from the fish head and a huge plate of mussels:

Everything tasted wonderfully fresh and well seasoned, a total feast!
For more pictures and detailed review see this blog:

The heat is a lot more bearable today as the winds announcing the arrival of typhoon Soudelor are steadily picking up force. The storm is said to hit the east coast some time tonight, so everyone its making preparations. In our case this means we have rebooked the train tickets we had for tomorrow and are instead heading South to Kaohsiung this afternoon.


This is the building on NTNU campus where we had class and where I held a two-day interpreting workshop yesterday and the day before. Nice workplace methinks! It was a great experience and I am proud to say that not only was I inadvertently made professor for the day,

I also had more than 30 people who seemed to have.nothing better to do in their holidays than to come and listen to my class 🙂

Not bad, eh?


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