Good mood in Taipei!

Taipei is a truly wonderful place, high time I did justice to this fabulous, crazy city by telling you some more about it.
Let me quote a German colleague who said to me the other day. He said to me: “you know, I am a not a cheerful person by nature. but people in Taiwan are so friendly and nice, it is impossible to be grumpy here”. And indeed, we’re all walking around with a smile on our faces most of the time.

People seem to be more relaxed around here, definitely less stressed and more laid-back than in mainland China. They are generally open and helpful but at the same time rather discreet, which means that as a foreigner (especially with a blond little boy in tow) you can walk around the city without being  openly stared at or verbally attacked by street hawkers shouting “hello friend I give you cheap price”.

Obviously, the food on offer literally everywhere does its bit to lighten even the grumpiest of moods. Imagine steaming pots of noodles (pics to follow shortly) , heaps of boiled and fried dumplings,


and tonight we’re gonna go for seafood, report and pics to follow.

The many night markets across the city are another highlight not to be missed. They offer a plethora of Taiwanese snacks ranging from stinky tofu to baby octopus skewers, dumplings and steamed buns, but also clothing, toys and fun accessories. 


Ever felt like trying some smoked shark? Fried fish skin? Shilin night market is the place to go!


Little J is really enjoying himself, too. When asked what he its going to miss about Taiwan when we leave he said:
The beautiful trees in the park a


nd the yummy food”.

Because of the mild climate (euphemism for heat :)), life happens outdoors a lot. The streets are always bustling with people, vendors are selling fruit and other delicacies, old ladies practice Taiji in the park where at night, young couples stroll around the lake


holding hands.
In short: gotta love this place!

So much for today’s eulogy. Bis bald!


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