Taipei breakfast culture does not cede to amaze me.
As guests of NTNU, we are staying at the university guest house. Upon arrival, we were given breakfast vouchers for three different places around campus. Great choice I thought and was looking forward to what I thought was going to be foodie heaven with steamed bread buns, dumplings, congee etc. Yet I quickly found out that this does not seem to be the preferred choice of morning grub around here any more. 
The three places mentioned were : a burger place, a bakery and a coffee shop, offering all kinds of snacks that, IMHO, seriously undermine Taiwan’s reputation as gourmet heaven.

Let me just mention a few, starting with the most harmless attacks on the tastebuds encountered at the bakery , i.e. croissants stuffed with hotdog sausages or whiter-than-white sandwiches filled with industrial ham, orangey cheese and a forlorn salad leaf, the oh-so-hard crust conveniently chopped off.

For the more daring eaters, there are all kinds of sweet white toasties with savoury stuff on it.
My most challenging toast experience to date was something that looked like an ordinary cheese melt, only that there was a layer of vanilla pudding hidden underneath the cheese…


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