Breakfast continued..

wpid-wp-1438571031125.jpegIn the course of my desperate search for something less “Western”, I thought I’d try some Japanese mochi from the local bakery. Mochi are sticky-rice balls with (sweet) filling. The soft, elastic texture of the outer skin is an experience in itself, but the filling…YUM! My favourite flavours are peanut and black sesame. Once you manage to pierce through the skin, there is an eruption of flavour as the creamy paste fills your mouth. Mouth watering as I type this 🙂
Also very popular here are matcha (green tea) and red bean paste fillings. The size of mochis varies between walnut, pingpong ball and peach, but even the smallest ones fill you up rather quickly.
I was thus very pleased to find the campus bakery offered mochi, albeit there was only one flavour on offer: strawberry. Unsuspecting, I bought the monster (XL size at least) and oh! Should have known better I guess.
At the core of the beast there was indeed a (preserved)strawberry, yet it was surrounded by mashed red beans, plenty of sugar and something like artificial strawberry flavouring agent.
Let’s just say it wasn’t quite my cup of tea… (to be continued)


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